Speechlab and AI Ethics

At Speechlab, we are committed to developing and deploying AI technologies ethically and responsibly. As a provider of text-to-speech services for voice-over and dubbing applications, we recognize our obligation to respect rights related to personal voice identity and creative works. 


For our voiceover feature, customers must attest that they have obtained appropriate rights and permissions to use any voice sample they provide as source material. Using someone's voice without proper authorization is unethical and illegal.


For our dubbing feature which generates synthetic voices in other languages, our systems are designed to avoid closely mimicking the voices of real people without consent. While some vocal qualities of the original performer may be reflected, the output represents a new synthesized creation. We require customers to confirm they have the rights to produce dubbed versions of content before using our services.

At Speechlab, we are accountable for the societal impacts of our technologies. By prioritizing ethical considerations in how we build and deploy AI systems, we aim to set a high standard for responsible innovation in our industry. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about our policies and practices at ethics@speechlab.ai

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