Speechlab – May 21, 2024

The Time-Warp of Testing: How Automated Dubbing Revolutionizes Global Market Entry

AI-based automated dubbing utilizes speech recognition, machine translation, and text-to-speech synthesis to create localized versions of your explainer videos in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional methods.

Speechlab – Mar 13, 2024

Speechlab Partners with Vistatec to Elevate Your Global Dubbing Game: Faster, Smarter, Better

We at Speechlab are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Vistatec, a recognized leader in high-quality content localization.

Speechlab – Feb 5, 2024

Navigating the AI Dubbing Landscape: A Guide for Content Publishers

This guide introduces the potential, challenges, and underscores the importance of a comprehensive solution, emphasizing the need for a partner that integrates technology seamlessly to ensure well-timed, high-quality output.

Speechlab – Jan 12, 2024

Beyond the Mimic: Speechlab Adds AI-Powered Native Speaker Matching

Automated dubbing will transform the way we reach global audiences, but mimicking the original speaker's voice isn't always the recipe for success.

Speechlab – Jan 3, 2024

How Does Automated Dubbing Work?

Automated dubbing employs several technologies to convert source audio or video into text, translate the resulting transcript, and generate speech from the translation. However, constructing an integrated system involves significantly more than just assembling these components.

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